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Ursus Equipment base

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Ursus Equipment base

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  • Release date:2018/09/14
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Detailed description

Ursus Equipment base

Nuclear energy and nuclear technology engineering is the research of nuclear energy utilization, nuclear power plant design and construction, nuclear power plant operation and management, as well as the use of nuclear radiation for non-destructive testing, material composition analysis, production process monitoring, medical diagnosis and treatment, biological irradiation breeding, food preservation and other engineering technology fields. Its engineering master's degree authorized units train senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in nuclear reactor design, nuclear power plant design, nuclear power plant construction, nuclear power plant management, nuclear protection technology, nuclear power plant design and other nuclear technology applications. Major courses of study include: Political Theory, Foreign Language, Engineering Mathematics, Nuclear Reactor Introduction, Nuclear Reactor Engineering and Safety, Nuclear Power Plant Design, Construction and Operation, Radiation Protection and Radiation Dosimetry, Structural Design and Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Waste Treatment Engineering, Nuclear Reactor Materials, Nuclear Application Technology, Addition Velocity and latest developments, advanced ionizing radiation detection, radiation imaging principles, nuclear medical imaging, nuclear detection technology, nuclear biological engineering, energy and environment, reliability engineering, modern management foundation, computer-aided engineering design technology, etc.

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