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Maintenance of instruments and meters

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Maintenance of instruments and meters

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  It is not difficult to overhaul the instrument, but the main thing is to be careful.

  Contrastive method

  Specific method is: let the instrument and normal instrument in the same situation, and then detect some points of the signal and then compare the two groups of signals measured, if there is a difference, you can conclude that the fault is out here. This method requires the maintenance personnel to have considerable knowledge and skills. There are two models of the same type, and one of them is in normal operation. This method also requires necessary equipment, such as multimeter, oscilloscope and so on. According to the nature of the comparison, there are voltage comparison, waveform comparison, static impedance comparison, output results comparison, current comparison and so on.

  Capacitive bypass method

  When a circuit produces strange phenomena, such as display confusion, the capacitive bypass method can be used to determine the part of the circuit that is likely to fail.

  Isolation method

  The fault isolation method does not require the same type of equipment or spare parts for comparison, and is safe and reliable. According to the fault detection flow chart, dividing and enclosing gradually reduce the fault search scope, and then cooperate with signal comparison, component exchange and other methods, the fault will generally be found quickly.

  tapping method

  Often encountered in the operation of the instrument good or bad phenomenon, this phenomenon is mostly due to poor contact or virtual welding caused. In this case, percussion and hand pressure can be used.

  In general, the state adjustment method, before the fault is determined, do not casually touch the circuit components, especially adjustable devices, such as potentiometers. However, if the paperless recorder takes multiple reference measures in advance (e.g. marking the position or measuring the voltage or resistance value before touching), it is still allowed to touch if necessary. Maybe after the change, sometimes the fault will be eliminated. IC power supply and ground terminal; transistor circuit across the base input or collector output terminal, to observe the impact of fault phenomena. If the fault phenomenon disappears when the capacitor bypass input of the color paperless recorder is invalid and the output of the capacitor bypass is invalid, the fault is determined to occur in the circuit of this stage.

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