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Which industries are the 13 major industries in Chinas machinery industry?

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Which industries are the 13 major industries in Chinas machinery industry?

Release date:2018-04-28 Author: Click:

  China's machinery industry 13 major industries are which industries instruments naturally occupy a large category

  1, agricultural machinery

  2, internal combustion engine

  3. Construction machinery

  4. Instruments and meters

  5, cultural office equipment

  6. General machinery for petrochemical industry

  7. Heavy mining machinery

  8. Machine tools

  9, electrical appliances

  10. Mechanical foundation parts

  11, food packaging machinery

  12. Car

  13, other civil machinery

  Recently, in a series of adjusting strategic policies on industrial economic development issued by the state, the explosion rate of the instrument and instrument industry seems to have reached an alarming degree. It was a major adjustment of the categories of instruments and instruments in the Non-duty-free import catalogue at the end of last year, followed by the "Accelerating Sensors and Intelligence" issued by four ministries and commissions. The development of the instrumentation industry is clearly stated in the action plan for the development of the instrument industry. The categories of instruments and meters in the recently issued Catalogue of Key Products and Services for Strategic Emerging Industries and the Notice on Organizing and Implementing the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment in 2013 are clearly described. Such grand treatment, as in the automation of chemistry and electronics in the gap between survival in the instrumentation industry seems rarely encountered.

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