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What are the classification of instruments?

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What are the classification of instruments?

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  The diversity of instrument and instrument makes consumers pick holes in their eyes. In fact, there are not many kinds to summarize, so long as we know several of them.

  1. There are measuring instruments, automotive instruments, tractor instruments, marine instruments, aviation instruments, navigation instruments, driving instruments, radio testing instruments, carrier microwave testing instruments, geological exploration testing instruments, building materials testing instruments, seismic testing instruments, geodetic mapping instruments, hydrological instruments, timing instruments, agricultural surveying instruments. Test instruments, commercial testing instruments, teaching instruments, medical instruments, environmental protection instruments, etc.

  2. Instruments and meters belonging to mechanical industry products include industrial automation instruments, electrical instruments and instruments, optical instruments, analytical instruments, laboratory instruments and devices, material testing machines, meteorological obscure instruments, film machinery, photographic machinery, copy micromechanical, instrument components, instrument materials, instrumentation technology. Equipment and so on thirteen kinds.

  3. All kinds of instruments and meters can be divided into several sub-classes or sub-classes according to their different characteristics, such as functions, detection and control objects, structures and principles. For example, industrial automation instruments can be divided into testing instruments, loop display instruments, adjusting instruments and actuators according to their functions.

  4. The measuring instruments are divided into temperature measuring instruments, pressure measuring instruments, flow measuring instruments, material level measuring instruments and mechanical measuring instruments according to the measured physical quantities; the temperature measuring instruments are divided into contact temperature measuring instruments and non-contact temperature measuring instruments according to the measuring methods; the contact temperature measuring instruments can also be divided into thermoelectric type and expansion type. Type, resistance type and so on.

  5. Other classification methods: The classification methods of other kinds of instruments are similar, mainly related to the development process, usage habits and classification of related products. There is no uniform standard for classification of instruments and instruments, and there are similar situations in naming instruments and meters.

  6. In practical work, we often classify instruments and meters into two categories: automatic instruments and portable instruments. Automatic instruments refer to the instruments that need to be fixed on the spot, also called on the spot to install instruments or dials to install instruments and meters. Such instruments need to be used in conjunction with other equipment to complete a certain project. One or more functions; portable instrumentation refers to a separate use, sometimes also known as testing instruments, general desktop and hand-held two kinds.

  7. Instruments and meters also have a kind of classification, called primary and secondary instruments, primary instrument refers to the sensor such as the direct sense of the measured signal part, secondary instrument refers to the amplification, display, transmission signal part.

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